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the product development process

Evaluating the problem

before we can start working on a solution we first have to make sense of the problem, we have to research why the problem started in the first place and look at how other people in the market solve the problem. And how your product or idea should stand out in a competitive market.


when we have evaluated and researched the problem and the cause of the problem, we go ahead and play around with some ideas and different ways of solving the problem, by making designs and prototypes and testing them in real world scenarios.

in depth design

after we have made a bunch of prototypes and concepts testing each solution to the problem, we move over to the in depth design of the product focusing on the main features the product should have while ensuring the product is kept realistic and practical for everyday use, making sure the product is perfect before launching the product into the market

Marketing and selling

after the product has been finalised we start with the branding of the product, giving the product a unique name and establishing a specific type of brand design for your product. Thereafter we can either build an online shop for you to sell your own product, or give you the option of selling your product through our list of wholesalers or on our own online platform.

Finished product

and just like that we have helped you with the development of your own product or idea 🙂